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Year AA Tokens

Medallions are approximately 1 1/4 inches in diameter - they may show as different sizes on your monitor

Not just for AA - but many styles of inspirational medallions

One Day at a Time Token


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Monthly Aluminum AA Tokens

24 Hour AA Token1 Month AA Tokens2 Month AA Tokens3 Month AA Tokens4 Month AA Tokens5 Month AA Tokens
6 Month AA Tokens7 Month AA Tokens8 Month AA Tokens9 Month AA Tokens10 Month AA Tokens11 Month AA Tokens

Aluminum AA Tokens for 24 Hour and 1 - 11 Month

And several 24 hour AA tokens

Month AA Tokens are available in both Aluminum and Bronze

AA medallions made in aluminum are less expensive to purchase and lighter weight than bronze medallions.
Many recovery groups use these recovery medallions for the first year of sobriety.

Welcome AA Tokens

The aluminum aa token or aa medallion is a great for the newcomers and first year of sobriety. They are less expensive than the bronze and given monthly during the first year of sobriety as a silent reminders.

For special anniversaries and events, we also have specialty plated AA medallions and triplated AA medallions

Bronze medallions are usually given to mark the years of sobriety. Specialty plated and triplated medallions are usually given by close friend and family members or for very special anniversaries.

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Sober Camel Gifts has been serving the recovery community since 1997.

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Sober Camel Gifts has gifts supporting all kinds of self-help programs and groups including recovery groups, drug courts, rehab centers and a multitude of organizations such as schools and churches and individuals that help others better themselves. The minimum order is $1 - so everyone can order. We carry traditional AA style medallions as well as rehab coins, drug court coins and other tokens carrying messages of hope both religious and secular. Custom medallions available.

Sober Camel Gifts has been serving the recovery community since 1997.

We work hard to fill your orders quickly and correctly.


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